Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting back on track

The day: Tomorrow
The time: 5:30am
The place: 1st baptist church

They have started a ladies workout group there and they call it - BOOT CAMP! Let me just say...I have already done a month of this before...yes, yes, I know, you are now lost lol...while I was not blogging I was still working out and I picked up a new workout partner who is also my neighbor and friend..her name is Rachel. So anyway, we will be starting boot camp again tomorrow and I can't wait...while I am not losing any weight I feel better when I work out...when I get my money in again I am going to go and have some tests run at the doctors office..they think I may have a hormonal imbalance...which can stop you from losing weight and also make you gain weight...fun stuff...I will write again tomorrow and let you know how that goes tho...


Saturday, November 27, 2010

No weight lost...or gained

I haven't lost any weight here lately...nor have I gained any weight here lately...Mom is doing great and so is my Dad...they quit eating meat about 6 months ago and have since lost about 70lbs. a piece...Dad is no longer on his diabetes meds and both report feeling better then they have in years! They tell me constantly how much better I would feel if I would just lose the weight...Yes, I know this. For one I used to be thin and healthy...For two, it's not like I am keeping the weight on by choice. I exercise and nothing is happening. I watch what I eat and nothing happens...I have a couple more tests that need to be run by the doctor, but I have been reading up on what the tests are for...hopefully a solution will come soon.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

back to the original topics...

Ok, so tonight we are back to the original reason I created this blog...weight loss...and starting tomorrow I will be getting back to mine...I kinda...ok well not kinda...I did quit doing everything for over a month now.

But I am now ready to start again and I am going to start again...besides my mom is kicking my rear in the weight loss department now. mom and dad switched to a vegetarian diet for several reasons - they eat fish a couple times a week now but the rest of the time is veggies...no other meat. mom is down to 229 and dad is down to 187 i think it was...they are looking awesome! also they are starting to reverse some of the health issues they were having...like diabetes...heart disease...blood pressure problems...anyway...very proud of them.

I am starting to think I will not reach my goal and weigh less then 200 by Christmas this year...I am really gonna have to bust my hump to get that goal achieved now...man have I been slacking or what...


Absolutely Ticked

Sorry it has been awhile since I have blogged, been very scattered here lately. However, tonight, something happened that I just have to get off of my chest.

My sons great - grandmother died. Did the family call to tell him this? Of course not, he gets to find out from that his sister told his little brother at school today. So he calls his aunt - one of the two people on that side of the family that has ever been decent to him and she tells him that yes, she passed away, but that the family doesn't feel he should attend the funeral. WTF?!?!

Then it goes from her trying to justify why they don't want him at the funeral to how I am a horrible mother and he has had a rotten childhood and who was he with when all this bad stuff happened to him...well...when he only has me - who else would he be with? I supposedly brain washed him against that side of his family - even though I have always told him that no matter what his dad loved him.

Anyway, after listening to this crap for about an hour or so I had enough and told my son that if he ever had anything to do with that side of his family again I wouldn't have anything to do with him. The aunt asked if I would allow her to still have a relationship with my son and I told her no. I have stood here for years and watched these people tear my son apart at the seams and rip apart from the inside out and I will NOT do it anymore. They can blame me if that is what they have to do to be able to live with themselves. I know the truth, God knows the truth, my son knows the truth, and deep down they know the truth as well. And in the end - they will get back what they put out into this world 10 fold.

I hope by judgement day they are able to come up with a suitable excuse as to why they have all done everything they have done. And in the meantime, I hope this all haunts every minute of the rest of their lives and follows them into their deaths.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


ok...so lots of drama around my house here lately...I know I was posting like everyday...and I haven't been doing that here lately, but honestly...I found I really don't have much to say everyday. Ok, well, yeah I do, but not sure I should put it here where certain people could "stumble" onto it and get an eyefull!

I am a blunt, outspoken person to alot of people...very rarely do I bite my tongue. My mother has always said that I was born without a pause button between my brain and my mouth...and yes...unfortunately...I have managed to pass this on to my kids. Some people think I am being hurtful, some people think I am being mean, and some people think that I am just full of crap. I can't help it...I try...and eventually it all just comes spilling out anyway...and usually at the most inopprotune times.

My ex-husbands ex-girlfriend takes everything to heart...God love her. She seems to be a good woman. I have nothing against her and I never have had anything against her. However, if I say something to my ex-husband about how he is treating his kids - she gets upset and thinks I am attacking her.

There is so much going on in my personal life...I don't know what to do or what to think. I have a very hard time doing nothing...I am very impulsive...especially with my words...I don't always think things through and I know that I should...But I just can't get a grip on my damn tongue!

Ok..well I am going to cut this off here cause it's not making much sense to me either....


Monday, July 19, 2010

Ingrown toenail...

Ok..so I now have an ingrown toenail...and it's not the entire nail...just one corner...way down in the corner of the toe...and it hurts...really bad. I have a Doctor's appointment in the morning and I can't sleep tonight. I have been really tired here lately. Well, I think I am gonna go play on facebook for awhile.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poor Binkers

My poor little Binkers isn't looking so good...everyone is saying he is depressed...I will keep trying as long as he will though. I hope he gets out of his funk soon...this is scary.

As for other news...hhmmm...weight loss is at a stand still yet again. Drill sergent and I were supposed to start exercising again today and a storm hit...what fun!

My ex-husband has yet again found a way to totally tick me off...he is very good at that...the younger two kids will be home next week...so much for him taking them for his month during the summer! I guess I am lucky he could even spare a week. He didn't take them at the 1st of the month because he couldn't "afford" to have them, but yet he took his other son from his soon to be ex-wife. The day he gets them I have to bring them to him because he has no gas in his truck and no money to put gas in his truck, yet the day before he takes himself, his ex-girlfriend, his other son, and her kids to a water park for the day and doesn't bother inviting our two kids to go along and the day after i drop them off he takes them out to the beach for the day...wow...what a way to prove you have no gas and no money for gas. What a way to show our kids how much you really care as well...he absolutely refuses to take our kids if he can't take the other boy as well...however he will take the other boy and not even bother with our two kids...

Inside of my household...aggrevation. When you ask a question that has a yes or no response to it...how hard is it for the person answering to simply say...yes...or...no. Appearantly...extremely hard as my husband can't seem to accomplish this task. I just don't understand why it is so hard to give a direct response to a direct question. There are other things I don't understand as well, but I don't think I am ready to voice them as of yet.

Well, I think I am about to head off to bed - it's pretty late.